More and more people are starting to see the benefits of SharePoint. This comes with a lot of amazing features that will make it ideal for some of your business needs. For example, do you want to start training employees? Doing this can be easier with the use of SharePoint. 

SharePoint will have all of the data and information that you need in one area. There are other portals aside from SharePoint so why is this chosen by a lot of business owners? They use this because this will also allow the customization and design of the portal. This will help you reach your goals and expectations.

Some SharePoint HR Branding Tips

Most companies do not realize just how much they need a well-designed portal unless they already see the portal that they created. The problem is not everyone has this skill. Those who are planning to specialize in SharePoint are in luck because the demand for people with these skills is becoming greater.

What Exactly is Branding?

When you say branding, you are referring to the colors, the graphics, and the logo that you are using. It will represent what people will see first. You know that first impression will last, right? If you would not be able to make a good first impression when people see the portal for the first time, they may lose interest.

These are some tips to remember now:

  • Decide on the type of access that you will give to people. There are different ways that you can do this. The faster that you will set this aside, the better that you can focus on the overall branding of the portal.
  • Become familiar with the interface that you are creating. It might become overwhelming in the beginning but the more that you try to understand, the better that you can come up with a great design. Some of the things that you have to look into are the following:
  • Header
  • Drop-Down Menu
  • Search Area
  • Web Parts
  • Images, Graphics, and Text
  • Know what colors you are going to use for your portal. It should coincide with the colors that you are using for your company. This will help employees recognize the portal easily.

Designing for a User-Friendly SharePoint Portal

Your portal’s design should not only be based on your branding. You should also think about how people would see it when they view it for the first time. You need to come up with something that is easy to use but this is sometimes easier said than done. Take a look at the additional tips for more details:

  • Make sure that visitors of the portal will understand when something is clickable or if the text is read-only. What if there are visitors who would try to click everything? This can complicate things. This also means that your portal is not as effective as you have hoped. Remember that not everyone is tech-savvy so the more that they can understand, the better that things will be for you.
  • Make sure that you do not have too many web parts. If this happens, then the interface will become cluttered. Navigation is going to be a problem for a lot of people especially if they do not know where to begin searching.
  • Make sure that people know where the search area is. If people cannot find where they can start looking, they may get tired of using the portal and just try to find other means to get the information that they need.

With these available tips, you may come up with dynamic and easy-to-use SharePoint Portals.

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